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CEO School

Mar 24, 2021

In this week's Wine Down Wednesday, Suneera shares her own quarterly planning process she uses to set goals and map out how to achieve them. You'll learn how to assess the year so far and then create tangible and attainable, as well as exciting, goals for the quarter ahead. Suneera gives listeners a walkthrough of the zoom out process used in CEO School, available in the CEO School Planner, to identify next quarter’s goals. Suneera explains her why behind using the goal planning method in every area of her life: personal, family and professional, and encourages you to do it too. 

This episode is brought to you by the CEO School planner, we believe you should run your life like a business. It's time to boss up and change your life with incredible systems that are going to help you stay accountable for 90 days to ensure that you get your goals done. To purchase your CEO school planner, go to and if you want this planner to come to you in our quarterly subscription with the club, where you can join the club and get exclusive workshops, mentoring sessions and a quarterly subscription box with the planner included in it.

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