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CEO School

Feb 5, 2024

This week on CEO School,

Suneera welcomes special guest Aditi Shah, a renowned meditation and yoga instructor from Peloton, for a conversation on the importance of women owning their successes, the power of self-compassion, and the art of balancing life through mindfulness.

Uncover personal stories from both Aditi and Suneera that shed light on rewriting one's narrative, setting boundaries, and embracing growth without guilt. As we explore topics like the significance of representation and diversity, morning routines, and reinventing ourselves, this episode is a treasure trove of practical advice and soulful wisdom for anyone looking to empower themselves and live freely.

Don't miss out on Aditi's tips on meditation, her journey from finance to yoga, and the integrative approach to work-life harmony. Tune in now and be a part of this profound dialogue that celebrates the strength and potential of women across the globe. 


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