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CEO School

Dec 12, 2022

In this episode you will hear from Tiffany Faith Demers, founder and CEO of UpKeep. Tiffany shares on the conception of her pioneering beauty service app and the obstacles she’s had to overcome as a female entrepreneur. She also talks about the stigmas around very popular medical beauty treatments such as botox and the current narrative on beauty. Tiffany spills the tea on her predicted beauty trends of 2023. 

Tiffany Faith Demers is the founder and CEO of UpKeep - the first digital marketplace in the United States to provide on-demand medspa treatments in your area.

The company has experienced rapid growth since launch with 300% revenue growth in the first 6 months after launch - monthly active users are up 24% and 80% of Upkeep users are repeat bookers. Additionally, Upkeep recently raised $2M in Seed Funding.

After an impressive career in high-profile positions at companies such as Matrix, WESSCO, and M-Theory Group, Demers could not overcome an experience she had while in London on a work trip tirelessly calling around with no visibility into availability for a facial. Demers knew she wanted to be the one to solve this problem - taking her eye for aesthetics and her leadership roles in her beauty career, she was the right person to lead Upkeep. Upkeep services are currently offered in California and Florida.


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