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CEO School

Dec 5, 2022

In today’s episode, you will hear from Diana Jarrar, founder, and CEO of Magic Dates. Diana shares her journey as a female immigrant and entrepreneur and what it took to scale her product based-business. They discuss the importance of consumer mapping and leaning into your story authentically. Diana also shares how, after being rejected four times, she landed an appearance on the TV show, “Shark Tank” and made an unforgettable deal with Kevin O’Leary. 


Founder and CEO Diana Jarrar is the inspirational woman behind Magic Dates, the nutrient-dense, indulgent date-based snack brand that captivated Shark Tank judges in March 2022. With flavor2s as rich as the culture and history it’s derived from, Magic Dates is her way of reconnecting with her family’s heritage and sharing it with the world.


Having grown up in Damascus, Syria, Diana is no stranger to dates, an ancient Middle Eastern fruit.

Stemming from her intimate connection with the refugee experience, Diana and Magic Dates are proud partners of the Karam Foundation, a non-profit based in Chicago. With the help of Karam, Magic Dates is committed to supporting those most impacted by the Syrian Civil War, especially the youth.

Diana lives in LA and enjoys celebrating her Middle Eastern roots through dinner parties and date tastings with Magic Dates’ newest Date Flight!


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