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CEO School

Aug 22, 2022

In today’s episode, you will hear from Gail Becker, founder of Caulipower. After discovering both of her sons had celiac disease, Gail was desperate for food options that were both healthy and tasty. And when she couldn’t find any, she did what every mom would do—she took matters into her own hands and made her own.

Today, Caulipower is the #1 better-for-you pizza in the U.S., that has become a staggeringly successful company in just six years. 

Caulipower had an estimated revenue of $100 million by 2021. It has a more than 50% share of the still tiny cauliflower pizza crust category in U.S. grocery stores. The company's products are in the freezer department in 25,000 stores, including Target and Kroger.


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