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CEO School

Oct 25, 2021

In this episode, you'll hear:

  • Why you are not alone in business and you do not need to do things on your own. Building a team is very intentional and requires a proper strategy that takes into consideration scaling your business. (2:27)
  • How are you actually training and developing your team member and measuring their success? Suneera shares what you need to consider before making your first - or next, hire. (5:12)
  • Struggling to hire a VA? The problem might be you. Make sure you upfront about the tasks, clearly outline your expectations and have a solid standard operating procedure (SOP) in place. (9:21)
  • Why you should do a time audit to determine what to delegate so you can hire someone who can handle the most critical tasks, not every single task. (12:10)
  • How you can measure the core values of your company and compare them to the new hire to best determine if they are a proper value fit. (18:18)
  • The importance of the onboarding process and how it is crucial to ensuring employment success and accountability. (21:41)
  • Suneera explains why putting in the effort gives you the best ROI when it comes to sourcing and securing talent. She shares some examples of her own experience with hiring and where they are now/ (23:42)

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