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CEO School

Jul 19, 2021

In this episode, you'll hear from Jill Osur, CEO and Founder of Teneral Cellars, an empowerment community that supports women’s causes and industry inclusion through the production and sale of phenomenal wine. You'll hear how Jill uses her privilege for the betterment of others, especially women, and her her journey into the wine industry. She shares how she uses her skills as a connector to give back to the community and how as women, oftentimes we’re made to fit a certain box but we don’t always want to follow tradition Jill explains the moment she realized she wanted to challenge the status quo and address social justice issues, and shares a time faced backlash from one of the largest investors over a political statement.  Jill talks about the series of belief statements she created when she first started her company, and why we all need to have body, mind, emotional, and spiritual connection. 

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IG: @teneralcellars

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