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CEO School

Mar 18, 2024

Serial entrepreneur and product genius Jacqueline Snyder joins host Suneera Madhani for a masterclass in turning ideas into successful businesses. With over two decades of expertise, Jacqueline brings a wealth of knowledge, from creating viral sensations to empowering women to smash through sales ceilings. The pair delve into the nitty-gritty of user-generated content, influential partnerships, and online presence. They also demystify the trends in influencer marketing, balancing authenticity with strategic collaboration, and reveal how niche products carve paths through the crowded market landscape. Not just stopping at products, they discuss how service-based enterprises can fuse community-focused items into their business models to create tangible connections. Drawing from the heartening struggles and triumphs of their entrepreneurial journeys, Suneera and Jacqueline candidly share the lessons learned from business breakups and the power of embracing change. For anyone looking to understand the mechanics of scaling a product-based venture or seeking the courage to venture into entrepreneurship, this episode is a treasure trove of insights and real-world wisdom.

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