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CEO School

Mar 4, 2024

Dive into the world of high-profile business journalism with Suneera Madhani as she interviews Emma Hinchliffe, senior writer at Fortune magazine, in the latest episode of CEO School. Discover Emma's journey in shaping the narrative around powerful women in business and gain an exclusive look at her coverage of household names like Kim Kardashian's venture into private equity with Sky Partners. Uncover the traits that define these successful women, learn about the writing and reporting process behind the Broadsheet newsletter, and find out how startups can catch the attention of top journalists. Tune in for a compelling conversation that traverses personal narratives, industry trends, and the vital importance of storytelling in today's business world. Listeners will walk away with valuable insights into the modern women's media space, strategies for meaningful networking, and the tools needed to turn their own stories into headlines that resonate.

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