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CEO School

Nov 15, 2021

What is the real secret behind building a 6 and 7 figure business? It might seem daunting, or even impossible to achieve that level of success, but it actually is very possible to achieve financial freedom through the world of entrepreneurship. 

In today’s episode, Suneera is interviewing Kelly Roach, a former VP of a Fortune 500 company and currently a business strategist to overworked entrepreneurs. Kelly coaches business leaders into seven-figure CEOs by teaching them how to leverage timeless business principles, employed by billion-dollar corporations, with the most powerful online marketing speed and agility strategies of today.

During this inspiring conversation, Kelly gives profound insight on why overnight success is actually 15 years in the making, what it actually takes to build a team and run a successful business,  and how to stand out in a market that is at peak saturation. At the end of the day, if you want to win the championship, you have to show up day in and day out and perform at your peak level to be successful in what you put your energy into.

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