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CEO School

Nov 1, 2021

In today's episode, you'll hear from Meera Kothand, a decorated email marketing specialist and 3X Amazon Best-selling author, based in Singapore. You'll learn what top trends we’re going to see in digital marketing in today’s landscape. Meera explains that even though cost of running ads may seem extortionate right now but, you need to shift your mindset and consider what you’re selling your product for and what return you’ll make. Conversion matters more than cost!  Meera shares her foolproof conversion system she uses with her own business and clients. You'll also learn how content pillars are important for informing the copy you write and the products you launch. Tune in to hear: What does the future look like for traditional forms of marketing and is it still viable, or is digital the only way forward? How can you still participate in the digital network on a limited budget? 

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