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CEO School

Nov 22, 2021

The more we focus on cementing better habits that contribute to a more productive and sustainable life, the easier it is for you to have mornings where you get a lot accomplished in the first few hours of your working day. In today’s episode, I share my morning habits with you - something that first started off as a routine but are not habits I naturally gravitate to and have become part of my daily life. 

You'll hear:

  • Suneera shares how her morning routine has turned into habits she gravitates towards on a daily basis [2:01]
  • Suneera shares her morning routine, what the most important part of her morning is and why she decided to incorporate daily runs into her life [10:19]
  • The transformative power of habits [16:16]
  • Putting pressure on yourself doesn’t allow you to form habits. It’s all about leveraging incremental lift and value until it becomes part of your lifestyle [22:10]


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